Financing Advice

We offer you advisory services in the areas of equity and debt finance that are tailor-made to suit you. Make the most of our tried and tested expertise in capital market finance.

Equity financing
Equity can be raised either via the public capital markets or on the private equity market. We provide comprehensive support for the following strategic funding transactions:

You can also draw on our expertise for all questions concerning the structure and composition of your company’s equity, for example for:

Securities Offerings Draftings & Filings

Disclosure is the process of making facts or information known to the public. Proper disclosure by corporations is the act of making its customers, investors, and any people involved in doing business with the company aware of pertinent information

Organization of Syndications

An equity syndication refers to a group of equity investors who come together to determine the price and sell new IPOs to the public. The syndicate takes various considerations such as risk and the financial status of the company when deciding on the price of the floated IPO. Equity syndicates are generally formed when the stock issue is too large to be managed by a single firm. Therefore, combining the efforts of several firms helps sell the new offering of shares quickly and completely.

Debt Financing

As well as conventional debt financing via bank loans, subject to certain conditions your company can raise debt finance on the capital market, for example via:

We will advise and support you throughout the entire issuance process – from preparation, to roadshows for potential investors, through to launch. Naturally, on request we can also handle all the follow-up work required.

In addition, we can offer you specific advice on the capital structure and risk management of your debt financing. This includes, for example:

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The Roadshow is a presentation organized by an issuer of securities and the syndicate of brokers and investment banks underwriting an issue of securities, aiming

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