Ways of Going Public to the Stock Market

Have you played with a waterspout in the garden when you were a kid ? If so, then you surely put your thumb on the waterspout and felt pressure increase under your finger. Upon release, the water went out at once and reached a much higher height than if one just opened water and let […]


The Roadshow is a presentation organized by an issuer of securities and the syndicate of brokers and investment banks underwriting an issue of securities, aiming at presenting to investors an opportunity of investment. It usually takes place in an hotel, a convention center, a bank or a prestigious place under various circumstances such as a […]

Is your company ready for an I.P.O. Initial Public Offering ?

This question is always a topic of discussion among the various actors of and around the company, from the entrepreneur to the investment bankers, going through lawyers, auditors, accountants etc… Many of these actors, basing their argument on the listing requirements, believe and will want the entrepreneur to believe the issuing company has to meet […]

How & Why an IPO – Initial Public Offering makes Money

Many entrepreneurs do not understand the reasons why the Initial Public Offering of a share of common stock (also known as “IPO “) makes money? The value creation of an IPO arises mainly from the difference of valuations between the private and public markets. The Private Market values the Assets. Thus, a bakery that has […]

The Theory of Wagons applied to Initial Public Offerings – IPOs

As discussed in my previous article “Is your company ready for an I.P.O. Initial Public Offering?”, the main barriers preventing an IPO to happen for a company which is ready, willing and able to pursue it are the following: The preparation cost of an IPO is prohibitive. There is no guarantee that the IPO will […]

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Definition Due Diligence is an English term used to describe all procedures that verify the situation and the verbal or written statements of a legal (or physical) person. It is also the process of ensuring that the information contained in a file or in a prospectus is accurate, complete and does not lend itself to […]

The Initial Public Offering – I.P.O. – IPO

The Initial Public Offering

The Initial Public Offering Definition The Initial Public Offering is the event defined as the first time that the shares of stock of a sstock issuing private company called the “Issuer”, are offered for sale to the public. The proceeds of the sale of the Issuer’s stock raise a large equity financing for said Issuer. […]